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80 Days

Around the world in 80 days!

Posted by allpeachy4me on 2007.03.28 at 13:33
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I noticed a new team on Sparkpeople and thought it would be fun to incorporate it into LJ (because I don't really like using the forums and such on SP lol).


In an effort to increase motivation for all these miles we do on our weight loss journies (be it walking, running, swimming, spinning, etc etc etc!), I created 80_days.

Come join a community that is aiming to exercise their way around the globe - 24,901 miles! - in 80 days or less! In order for us to be really successful, we are going to need a LOT of people. There is NO minimum requirement of miles! You do what you can when you can!

Around the World in 80_days...where every mile counts!

P.S. If this post is inappropriate, just let me know and I'll happily remove it! :)

(x-posted to all the weight loss communities I'm a member of, I apologize if you have to see this oodles of times hehe!)

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